Tandem Kayaks Have Many Subcategories

Different Types of Tandem Kayaks

Is kayaking your hobby? If yes, then you can choose to spend your holiday with your beloved at the spot offering best water activities. Kayaks are of two types – single to tandem. Single kayak is fit for you when you are planning for boating alone, while tandem kayak will be the best if you take a partner with you. If you are not an expert kayaker, you won’t face any problem as your friend or spouse accompanying you will take you to the destination. In short, in a tandem kayak, if a person does not gain an expertise in kayaking, his/her partner can help him reach the destination with his expertise.

Kayaking on a rapid

Co-ordination between the two partners on tandem kayaks is one of the most important parts of the boat ride. One of them informs about the hurdles on the way and the other takes the boat from a safer side. Both the persons on the boat have a vital role to play while tandem kayaking. Base on the seating arrangement on the kayak, however, tandem kayaks are classified into three categories – sit-on-top kayaks, sit-in-recreational kayaks and sea kayaks.

Sit-on-top kayaks are considered to be the most popular style of kayak meant for tandem kayaking. Lower cost and easy usability makes these types of kayaks the best for a common man. Besides these features, what makes sit-on-top kayaks more preferred by the people is it being maintenance free. For resorts and outfitters, this type of tandem kayak is the first choice. In lower Atlantic states and Gulf of Mexico, you will mostly find sit-on-top tandem kayaks for boating purposes. Apart from entertainment, people use these kayaks mostly for fishing, scuba diving, surfing waves, short distance trips, snorkeling, etc. This kayak made of polyethylene plastic will be perfect choice for you if you have a larger body size.

Sit-in Recreational kayaks are longer to sit-on-top kayaks having length of 14-16 feet and also slightly narrower with less than 30 inches. These kayaks are generally found on lakes, flat water rivers and bays. Being made of polyethylene plastic, these recreational kayaks are quite durable even if they are used roughly. On sit-on-top kayaks, your body is completely exposed to wind and water, while on sit-in recreational kayaks; you remain completely protected from wind. These types of kayaks are faster and tend to be more efficient than sit-on-top tandem kayaks.

Sea kayaks are even longer with a length of 16-23 feet and narrower than the recreational kayaks. There are two separate cockpits available to be covered by sprayskirts, thereby forming a seal that is watertight. Because of the bulkheads present in the sea kayaks, floatation is controlled. Along with this, there are dry storage compartments in front, center and rear. These boats are preferred by boaters because of the protection it provides and efficiency that it offers in its ride.

The above-mentioned types of tandem kayaks have different features suitable for different individuals in terms of their body size, water activity they want to use them for, protection they provide, durability, etc.

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