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My name is Alex and I’m the owner of this blog. 


Everyone has heard it said hundreds and hundreds of times, over and over again, you have to live your passion to be able to accomplish anything in life and actually be happy..

I’ve heard this from dozens of business books, motivational videos and plenty of other resources, it’s like a mantra that every single successful person will repeat to you, to any questions you might ask, or whatever you say.

I’m a big fan of all kinds of water sports, I love diving (I’ve taken many PADI courses for this), surfing, swimming and tandem kayaking. These are the things I love doing the most, despite the time of the year of how I feel. 

If it’s a Sunday morning and I feel like hell, I’ll go for a swim for a few hours and come back refreshes, feeling AMAZING.

Taking these two things into consideration, almost a year ago I decided to start working in the field that I love. I started teaching kayaking to local people here, renting my tandem kayaks out to them and I also decided to create which is a website with tons of reviews on tandem kayaks, and many many high quality articles on the subject.

This website has allowed me to spend the majority of my time writing and talking about the thing I love most, which means that it doesn’t even feel like work, but at the same time it is also generating an income for me.

The website is getting many many visitors every day, looking to purchase tandem kayaks and my posts help them find the best ones for their needs. In turn I sometimes get a percentage of the deals they do with Amazon, if they decide to purchase something thanks to me. 

This has allowed me to spend even more time on my hobbies, which I discussed above. That also means that I have learned a lot more on the subject, which in turn allows me to write even more amazing content. 

Since the site is something that represents me, I can only write very official articles there and that involves a lot of editing and countless of hours of working on each blog post. 

I sometimes want to talk general stuff instead of just writing perfect content, so that’s why I’ve decided to create this blog on wordpress. 

Here you will find different variations on the articles I have on my main site, looking at things from a slightly different perspective. I’m also going to share stories on my kayaking experiences and hopefully gain some new readers for both sites.

Stay tuned for my posts! 🙂