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Choosing The Best Tandem Kayak Paddle – How-To

Choosing The Best Tandem Kayak Paddle

The level of adventure that one experiences while kayaking depends to a great extent on the type of paddle that is used, having the best tandem kayak isn’t enough… When it comes to landing on water, making the trip safe is very important. Boating is the best activity that gives vacationers a chance to enjoy to the fullest. So far as kayaking is concerned, the types of kayak and paddle are very important to be considered before you start your sea journey. It is the type and nature of the water based on which you need to make a suitable selection.


The paddle for kayaking is chosen based on several factors, some of which have been mentioned below:

  • Length: The length of the tandem kayak paddles range from 220cm to 255cm. There are some general rules that can be followed as far as choosing the paddles for tandem kayaking based on length is concerned. For example – taller individuals or wider boats should opt for paddles of 240cm and onwards, while an average-sized paddler should go for paddle of 230 to 235 cm. For recreational paddlers and individuals with short height are generally recommended paddles of length 220 to 225cm.
  • Comfortable Fitting: Whether the paddles fit you is something, the answer for which can only be found when these aspects are clear – width of the boat, style of your paddling, your torso length, for whom are you buying i.e. an adult or a child. This is because wider boats require longer paddles; quick strokes will need shorter paddles, while individuals with lengthier torso will need longer paddles and vice versa and lastly, if you are to kayak with your child, choose paddlers specially designed of kids.
  • Material used: Next on the list of factors affecting the choice of paddle for tandem kayak is the material used for manufacturing the paddle. Based on the activity that you want the paddles to be used for, you should make your selection. Wooden paddles ensure smoother movement of the boats in water, while fiberglass made paddles are fit for complex blade shaped and it is lighter in weight with guaranteed durability besides being maintenance free. Other materials of which the paddles of tandem kayak are made of include carbon fiber, aluminum, plastics, etc.
  • Design: The blades of the paddle for tandem kayaks may be feathered or non-feathered. The feathered blades are rotated at the angles of the blades facing each other and hence provide wind resistance. However, smaller angles of the blades lead to efficient movement in twisty water. The non-feathered blades are parallel to each other.
  • Shape: Symmetrical blades are there that need lot of effort for each stroke but help you get through the water quickly. For efficient paddling, you can opt for asymmetrical blades of the tandem kayak paddles.

Now when you know the pros and cons of the each paddle, you can make a perfect choice based on the factors mentioned above and also nature of activity that you opt for while tandem kayaking.

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